This Australian toolkit has been adapted from the original U.S. toolkit which was assembled in consultation with clinical experts with backgrounds in infection prevention and instrument reprocessing. The objective in developing this toolkit has been to provide a relevant resource regarding infection prevention during the use and reprocessing of ultrasound probes in Australia.

About the Video

Presented by Cathryn Murphy PhD at the ACIPC 2018 Annual Conference in the Satellite Symposium “Preventing Ultrasound (US) Related Infections – It’s Easy When You Know How”

The IP toolkit components

The IP toolkit components are summarised below and each tool can be downloaded individually

Tool 1
Locate & Profile

Tool 1 :
Locate & Profile

Part A lists strategies that can help locate ultrasound machines in your facility. Locating ultrasound machines can be a challenging task, as they may move around, be uncatalogued, or may be unknown to personnel with responsibility for probe use and reprocessing. After locating ultrasound machines with the Locate tool, Part B is an audit tool that can be used to observe and assess procedure-specific ultrasound policy and practice. First record the procedure and department, then work through the profile form. The questions guide the user through their policy and an observation checklist is provided to record actual practice. The tool leads the user to an action plan if there is no policy, or if there are discrepancies among policy, practice and guidelines.

  Download Locate and Profile Tool

Tool 2

Tool 2 :

This tool is organised by department and provides a range of typical procedures that may be encountered in that department. Probe use and reprocessing requirements based on the NHMRC and ASUM/ACIPC guidelines and the AS/NZ Standards are presented as a decision making algorithm. The flow chart can be printed out and displayed throughout office and procedure rooms, and used as a quick reference chart for healthcare workers to determine whether practice is compliant with available guidelines.

  Download Algorithm Tool

Tool 3
Risk Assessment

Tool 3 :
Risk Assessment

This tool contains four editable templates designed to guide the assessment of potential hazards that may be encountered during the use and reprocessing (cleaning, disinfection, storage) of ultrasound probes. A sample risk matrix is provided with further instructions for completion. A facility should aim to mitigate all significant harm to the lowest risk rating. If that is not possible, the existing workflow and/or products should be reconsidered.

  Download Risk Assessment Tool

Tool 4
Policy Development Framework

Tool 4 :
Policy Development Framework

This tool is a policy development framework designed to help develop infection prevention policies for all settings where ultrasound technology is used and probes are reprocessed. It can be used to develop a universal hospital policy or a department specific policy and has been developed based on major guidelines, standards and evidence based scientific literature.

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